The big bad wolf

Written on my Facebook page the 8th of July 2014.

Was not sure about this article, but at the end, I put it.


Little Red Riding Hood Costume For Adults

I forgot about the sex bomb of the 6th of June last year (cf blog)

The sex bomb trapped me tonight with a job proposal.

When I saw him, I could not believe it even if I guessed it somehow somewhere in my subconscious mind.

Instead of going to the appointment, I made him come.

So he took a funicular and the boat, to join me.
I thought to myself, this is weird this boss accepting to take the boat but well.

I spent the entire evening resisting to the big bad wolf.
A nightmare on a certain point of view.
Good for my ego on the other hand.

We drunk a beer, and I walked him back to the boat as chaste as a veiled nun.
Not even a kiss.

The government or the church, whatever, should give sometimes some gold medals, rewards, even money why not, hotel rooms paid, free meals at the restaurants, to the women like me, having enough morality in their life to resist to happy married men.

I would ask for a little cruise, or at least a hammam and a massage. Hairdresser. Spa.
I would deserve a little present in a perfect world.
The society always blames the mistresses but does not reward the women putting married men back on their tracks.
Resisting to them.

For god’s sake. I deserve something tonight.


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