I started the year and ending the past one, with a fantastic book,  Expecting Adam from Martha Beck. I was lucky enough to see angels with a friend a long time ago, he was very down to earth. We had not taken any drugs, were not thinking about angels,  were not even interested in angels. Why us? Why had we the right to this fabulous access?

We were no saints. It was the early morning. Why us? What did we do right in our lives to see angels, to hear the famous crystal bells, the choir of angels, the light, joy and love like a powerful white storm full of those messengers acting like a commando of angels in mission?

Well, my aunt was epileptic and a little autistic, and we would take care of her with a lots of love, she had lived with us one year, and my friend was an angel toward her. He had himself sometimes tetany seizures, and so could understand her.

He could see the electricity above her head before the crisis would happen, she could fall sometimes a few times a day. He was looking like an angel beside that, had long blond hair, curly, blue eyes, but he was far not an angel, quite naughty. He assumed every body could see the electricity on her head before the epilepsy would hit. I never saw it before, and he was surprised about the fact I would not be able to observe it around her head.

He assumed every body could see this electricity. Epilepsy in fact is too much electricity in the brain, so this electricity exists but nobody can see it.

So why us? When we met the first weeks, I remember we were at the movie theatre, and he would tell me that if we would marry and if I would be pregnant of a down syndrome baby, we would keep the child, that he loved down syndrome kids. I was astonished as I love down syndrome people. For me they are superior to us on a lot of aspects. I like to take care of them, and found a job where sometimes I can. A world without down syndrome people would seem sad to me. So what did I did right to see angels and my friend too? It seems our open heart for down syndrome people could be the link. I am not sure of that.

When we saw angels, it was between my parents funerals (I talk about it in a previous article the Art of simplicity). I took care when I was very young of a teenager down syndrome girl in London and when I came back, I met my father in Paris.  

I told him that I wanted to study this, special needs, this field, I wanted to do this in my life instead of going on with laws. We were in his high-class private club, and he looked at me very coldly, telling me that I would never had a career. He was right in a certain way, but he would have reacted thinking how lucky he was to have a sensitive daughter, and taking time to listen to me, to understand me, so I might have done something to please him on a University level, but he was just interested about my salary, about prestige.
I never took drugs, never drank alcohol, I was really a nice kid I think, so the bad thing I was doing was to want to study special needs.

My aunt was for me somehow my real mother, she was my link with  pure love, with purity.
I had been lucky to have her in my life in my early childhood, if I was a healthy clean person, it was a lot because of her. I felt more well-balanced and happier when she was alive. I felt lost when she died. So, maybe my friend and me, did something right after all, we liked down syndrome children and we took good care of my aunt.

Maybe that was what the angels liked in us. This book from Martha Beck is all about this, about a brilliant girl from Harvard, expecting a down syndrome child and not believing in angels being mostly atheist but surrounded by them.

When I was reading this book, I was feeling nearly protected. Could not leave it. I started to read it in a lovely house in Bahrain in the middle of palm trees and gardens, just in front of the Country club. In this country club there was a zoo open to public for free. I started to read this book, and the same day, discovered a few meters from this house this mysterious zoo.

I visited the stalls of the horses  the 30th of December, I asked them what they were doing for NYE in the old Irish bar, they answered me nothing, which was good news, as it was open but without anything fancy or expensive, just a normal bar for NYE.

I discovered the horses by chance trying to discover this club by myself. Close to the stalls, some goats, reindeer and parrots.

A guy taking care of the horses, told me to open a door at the end of the stalls. On the other side was a garden, with much more animals from all over the world.
A zoo just for me that day.

For the 31st of December in the lobby of a fancy hotel where I would just hang out for internet, I met a very fat man, I was still reading the book, he asked me to follow him for lunch, took me in a poor building, made me eat a very delicious food cooked by some friends of him, and started to sing beautifully songs on a karaoke. The book still in my bag. There was a sensation of grace and purity.

The next day I was reading the book in the lobby of an other hotel and there was a man calling girls to invite them for a drink. He was very shiny, like a little sun. He ended up inviting me for a drink. And after in his house just in front of the hotel. It was like meeting an old friend. I ended up reading the book in his flat. And when I closed the book, when I finished the last page, the magical had gone away from my life.

This strange feeling of protection. Things went back to normal. Without magic anymore in my life. I intend to read a lot of others Martha Beck books, discovered her website. Adam was somehow protecting me when I was reading the book, I could nearly feel  his sweet presence. You can read the first pages of this book on this website by clicking on the photo


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