Gnap Gnap

About darkness

If you tell people you had witnessed angels full of light, joy and no judgment in a beautiful white storm, and listened to the choir of angels and the crystal bells, this Disney vision will make you lose credibility in your professional life, in your life generally speaking for a lot of reasons. Some of the reasons could be some religious conflicts but some other reasons could be that you would sound like a very naive person, not really trustable anymore.

On the contrary, if you tell a story in which you had been with a friend in your living room, and that suddenly a black shadow full of hate and smelling awful, sent an ectoplasm of anger on your face, and started to strangle your friend, most of the people would be scared, and a lot would believe you.

The reason could be the planet earth being on low frequencies. We are much closer to the lower energy level than to the high energy level.

For a long time, I did not believe in the black light, in evil. For me darkness was just an absence of light. However, at that time, I had never met what I would call the black light, which like a black hole seems to have the power to stay dark in the light and even to in a certain way swallow the light.

There is a mathematic law which always fascinated me. Two positives make a positive    + + += +

But if you add a positive with a negative the negative will make the result being negative so    + + – = –

And on the other side two negatives make a positive which is nearly like a miracle if you think about it so   – + – = +

I never read this anywhere being applied on the psychological level or spiritual level of our lives, if a thinker takes it in a book after having read this blog, so I would be happy about it as nobody never speaks about it, when it seems important to me to think about it and to think about it in our love, friendly and professional life.

How many times last year did I feel guilty about not being able to reverse a situation? So often. I would always try and try, to reverse a negative situation into a positive one, but what happened inevitably was me becoming negative, being trapped in a negative situation. It happened in my professional, friendly and love life.

That is why it is so difficult to know how to handle a war. You can handle a war, with peace and love words, but in front of you the negativity will not only laugh at you but will quite inevitably hurt you. But if you arrive with a bomb, and you tell them, Ok I shut you down if you do not calm down, so they might surrender and even maybe respect you as you would be the strongest one.

To shut on someone or to threaten someone of a bomb, is for sure negative, but to arrive with you hippy suit saying oh guys, why don’t you just calm down and why don’t we just love each other does not seem to work that much. Tibet is the perfect example of it.

The Dalai Lama from over the border is able to act for his people.However the monks got tortured in the most horrific possible ways, and 90% of Lhassa has been erased from the map. I have witnessed it and it made me think a lot about the power of love and no army, in front of adversity. Tibet has been erased from the map. And the sad story is that the ones who started to kill the monks and to attack Tibet were in fact the English soldiers, opening the door to violence in 1905, showing the wrong model in Asia.

Queen Victoria attacked China during the 19th century to get more opium as all UK had been completely addicted to many kind of drugs, and the Emperor of China wrote her a nice letter to inform her about the danger of opium and drugs for her people without success.

To stop a war most of the times, you have to come reluctantly, but inevitably with stronger weapons and armies. Negativity respects negativity. And it could turn by a kind of weird mathematical miracle into a positive situation most of the time called a peace.

It is as well a little like the AA works and all the association regrouping people with the same issues, talking about it, and being able to help each others.

If you have never been into any addiction, it is very difficult for you to understand someone being an addict.  Or the spectacle of someone you love destroying itself will make you think about your own addiction and to take the decision to stop it.

On the other way, you as a positive entity in a situation will become more and more negative confronted to a negative situation. You will feel guilty about it. But it is what negativity wants you to become, the negativity wants you to become negative. And in most of the case will succeed very well.

The only way you can face negativity without becoming negative yourself is to step back from the situation, but if you stay too close for sure you will become negative.

Like the purple smurf, in the original French version, it is called the Gnap gnap Smurf and it is dark and not purple, and so little by little all the Smurfs become dark and they have to find the source of darkness in this case a bee, a dark bee, to prepare a vaccination. It is as well, the way vaccination had been invented, a negative fighting another negative and making at the end a protection against a disease.

Antibiotics kill bacteria. It is a negative fighting another negative to fight a disease.

So in 2014 I felt guilty of not having been able to transform a negative situation into a positive one, and it had been like this, the years before.

Not only once, I have been able to reverse a negative situation into a positive. It made me feel guilty, as I tried, but it is maybe the way it is.

A positive cannot make a negative becoming positive. But will inevitably become negative itself. So the best is to step back from the situation. What the darkness wants is you to hate. The darkness will do everything for you to hate. The darkness at the start could make you love, but only in the goal, even not consciously, to make you hate.

The darkness hates love, is not interested in loving or being loved. The darkness just wants you to hate. And will put in place everything possible to make you hate.

In the French language, darkness is a feminine word, when dark is a masculine one. La noirceur, le noir. Dark, darkness, feminine, masculine, whatever it is, it just wants you to hate.

What will put in place darkness for you to hate? Violence, calumny, defamation, betrayal, cheating, lies, mental manipulation, etc. etc.

In the Christianity we would say that God is the truth and the devil is lies. In some Satanist sects, they would teach you how to divide with lies, how to gain power and to climb the stairs of power using defamation and calumny in your workplace, to climb up the stairs of power.

Darkness to not spread and becoming stronger needs to be put a limit of, and a solid frame to prevent other people being hurt by this negative energy.

If inside a relation, you are the one being sober, and the other one is drinking, and is becoming violent and aggressive when drinking, so you can see yourself as the positive element if your goal is to help, peace and harmony.

If inside a relation the other one is hooked on drugs making him or her violent and aggressive toward peaceful people, you included, so you can see yourself as the positive element in the situation. If your goal in a relation of any kind is peace, love and harmony but the other one, is being abusive and violent, so you can see yourself as the positive element.

However, there are different kinds of negativity. If someone is in love with you and you are responsible for the situation, and you react by not answering any friendly messages or not helping this person to get over you, so you are acting as the negative element in the situation.

On the contrary, to answer kindly, to be supportive and communicative, will help the other one to forget faster. The silence will make this person thinking you are angry or mad for something, or even dead somewhere. So a simple silence in some cases can be a terrible weapon against someone, and can lead to aggressivity and violence on the other part.

As to cheat on someone does not always mean you are the negative person and the other one the positive in a couple.

But in a couple if one is in a compulsive behavior of cheating when the other one is faithful, even this does not make the one cheating being the negative element, if for example his DNA has a dozen of generations of men living in harem, a time when the wives had to be faithful and the men could have several wives. It can be as well, that his or her partner is not as sexual as she or he is.

So it is quite subtile when someone is being positive and negative. If a man comes back home and surprised his wife naked in bed with a man, it does not make her the negative element, but if he breaks a vase in the bedroom, and if the wife makes him feel guilty and complains everywhere about her husband being violent and breaking a vase and adding that he broke much more than that when it is not true, without explaining the all situation, it makes her at that time being the negative element in the situation as the most manipulative one.

If her husband surprised her in bed with another man, a reaction of anger is acceptable.

So it is within our heart, and our soul for each of us, to think, when have I been the negative element knowing that people suffering from mental illness, are no more able sometimes to think quietly about them being positive or negative. Even on medication, they are often no more able to think about being positive and negative.

I worked in psychiatry, and saw calm and peaceful people under medication who could kill someone without their medication, just because of the brain chemistry. It made me think a lot about the concept of guiltiness.

Same if someone suffered from being neglected or abuse in childhood, the consequences might be to become border line, schizophrenic, addicted to drugs or alcohol, suffering from stress post traumatic disorder, and in a lot of cases abusive, manipulative and violent.

Does it make this person being guilty? A negative element but not a guilty element. When are we negative, and when are we guilty? Vast topic…

18th of February

I am reading again this blog article that I wrote the 7th of February.

So in fact, if a negative is making me becoming negative, do I turn into a negative to make the situation becoming positive at the end? Is it the only way?

In the Smurf story, at the end, all the smurfs become black, even the old Smurf, so the situation seems hopeless, but then a bomb full of the healing pollen explodes and heals all the smurfs. It means a coincidence, linked to a kind of divine intervention solves the situation.

Can the divine intervention turn a negative in a positive? It reminds me a long time ago, having for the first time observed this black light on a man’s head.

I did not talk, did not say a word, projected a white light on him, on his head, and asked the angels to protect me. And it worked in fact, he left the room, it was the evening. The morning he came back, and told me that I should be dead, that I had protections around me. That he could not hurt me.

I never really tried to know more about this as the all situation was so freaky making me think of the film Shining, and I really do not enjoy at all horror movies. Never watch them.

It was creepy because this man did not do anything to harm me, I just saw his face being transformed, and the black light spreading on him, we did not talk, we did not say a word. None of us.

I just covered him with my thoughts with a white light, and asked for the protection.

He just left, without a word.

To be followed maybe or maybe not in the next article about this time Gargamel, about black magic. If I have the energy for this. Not that sure. Do not like to talk about it. To think about it.


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