Can a machine being more effective than drugs?


A few weeks ago, I have been in a medical fair. I was visiting there a friend pharmacist, my first CS host two years ago. But as well I was there for my own purpose, to look at what was new and interesting in the medical field.

I tested a lof machines but one really caught my attention. It is a machine to help to reduce the epilepsy episodes. I had been living for 5 years with my epileptic aunt who could have a few crises a day. She was the most important person in my childhood as the one the most in charge of me. She was one of the human being I cared the most for. So for me every time I see improvements in the epilepsy medical field, I am more than interested even she died ten years ago.

So I found this machine, and tried it right away. They were saying it could as well help autism, depression, etc.. Usually the session lasts half an hour, they did it to me only a few minutes.

After, during the day, I forgot about this machine completely. I went on with my routine. But suddenly I said to myself: I have no idea what I did today to feel so great. I have never felt so perfectly joyful.

Was it this machine to fight depression?

Later in my day in this fair, I met a Saudi VIP, I had been his student in Riyadh for a short training course. I did not remember it first. Just his face looked familiar to me. He was fun and clever, dressed with the traditional Saudi white summer abaya and red and white ghutra on his head.

So unexpectedly, we had a lot of common interests together in this fair. I was pleased to meet someone as curious as I was, but in the same time, someone having the budget to buy all this and to bring it in hospitals.

So he tried this machine, he tried a lot of others machines.

We had met in front of the machine for sexual improvement. I wanted to try it of course, but we started to talk and laugh in front this machine and so I forgot to try it and he did not try it either. I regretted it afterwards, but if I would have tried this one, so I would have thought my joy of the day could have been linked to this one.

It was a mysterious machine, for sexual problems for men, for women orgasms, and a lot more all this connected to the urinary system, etc. You just had to sit, and there was a kind of magnetic wave, and that’s it. Cannot tell you more about that.

So this man tried all the machines and after, during the evening, he called me and I joined him to smoke a shisha, not that I like so much smoking shisha but well. And that was it, nothing happened it was just friendly, we shared an excellent pizza.

He talked a lot about how for him it was important to smile, that he was always careful in his job, to always give a happy face, and to be positive, to look at the bright side of life, to value people around him. To not be a negative boss always criticizing the team work, etc.

The thing is when I met him, I had been on this machine to make you happy, a few minutes before, I must have been a little euphoric, and I guess he liked my energy at that time. The evening I was normal again, means just normal, and so he must have been disappointed in me.

This feeling of deep happiness lasted only for the afternoon, but at night this feeling had disappeared. Not that I was depressed or anything, I was just being more normal.

On Facebook one week ago, a friend of mine, said that depression now was healed with magnets, and even him, told me that at his hospital they already had magnets therapies.

He tried this machine and might have felt wonderful if he had the same after effects, he did not tell me anything about it, and maybe did not feel anything.
We tried the same kind of machines as well on our back, legs, everywhere, to relax the muscles, to heal the back. He had a little pain in the back, so I brought him there for this as well. For the back it is really great.
So this is it. What is happiness?

Some people take drugs to reach happiness. I do not take drugs; I do not think cannabis brought anything positive and good to the people around me. It makes them lose their memory; it makes them irascible when they do not have it. I do not think it makes them even calmer. No, cannabis is not great, maybe for the pain killing it is good, but for the mind it is bad for what I have observed around me. It makes my friends being passive in life, not active enough. I do not like my friends on cannabis.

For this the Middle Est where I am, Is great for me, as it is a drug free place. Within 3 years I never met anyone on drug here. What a relief compare to my life in London… Where I had even friends hooked on crack, heroin, and I had to save them in clinic where they were dying.

What a horrible country for this UK, for drugs. I saw women in Manchester peeing in front of bars, opening their legs and peeing. Young girls. Getting drunk and vomiting on the streets is very common in UK.

So for this I appreciate the life in this part of Middle Est. Weirdly, I am not for a strict prohibition of drugs, but more for a liberalization of drugs, but so I can see the results of laxist laws, people are stuck on drugs very easily. When you cannot find drugs, so there is no temptation. What is the solution to all this? Right now there is no solution being found nowhere.

Two days ago, I went in a Ladies night, and in this part of the Middle Est, there are a lot of Ladies nights, it means free drinks for ladies. I could have had 6 cocktails. Took only 2 which is my max. I would say usually I take just one glass of kind of champagne in those ladies night and give the ticket for the second glass to a friend of mine or to an unknown lady at a table. Did the same this time gave it to nice Filipina ladies at my table.

In this bar last night, I felt incredibly free. It was two days ago.

I had a normal day, nothing special. I had worked a little, it has been very positive, a very good energy. And so, I thought I will go to this Ladies night because it is a few minutes’ walk from my building. It was 8’clock in the evening.

I arrived in this huge Irish bar, crowded with ladies. A lot of Asian girls, some air hostess as usual, mostly from UK, a lot of young girls looking like the Twilight actress, pale, and in their thoughts, looking at the Scottish band without any reaction.
When I arrived, there was this music, nearly right away. It is a famous new song, but I did not know it. And the rhythm, the wave of love hit me. I was nearly the only one to clap in my hands and to sing Hey HO. The atmosphere was cold, like if I would be in the middle of beautiful vampires.

Slowly during the night, the atmosphere became warmer, two people dared to dance, I did not.

Hanging at the bar, there was a guy, all dressed up in the Oriental
classical abaya and ghutra.

He was the only one dressed like that. Girls were wearing sexy short skirts and guys blue jeans for most of them. They looked Indians, Asian, English, Americans, Arabic, etc.
So there was this man, standing at the bar. He looked nice, well in his skin, he was handsome, In his thirties or maybe older.

I could not resist to talk with him when waiting for my cocktail. I told him, oh you are brave, you are really keeping your identity here. He was working for an Arabic government in the oil department. Was coming back from work, did not have time to change his clothes. He made me laugh. He was drinking beer directly at the bottle.
He joined me later on at my table, but we did not talk that much because of the music.

I was feeling relax, singing, and listening to this Scottish band singing HEY HO HEY HO. So what made me feel great at that time? Free cocktails? This Arabic guy dressed in the Saudi traditional style in the middle of this Western crowd? This excellent band singing the song from the Lumineers?



I always have in mind to retire for my old days in Ireland, mostly for the bars.
I like UK for this reason, I like people singing in bars.

Unfortunately last night, the people were cold and not singing enough, in Scotland or Ireland the atmosphere would have been better.
But well, sometimes I do feel great, and in fact I do not know why. This perfect bliss moment.
Happiness is often linked to a feeling of forgetting about the body, about the ego, and just to let go, to relax. In the music, in the moment.
I can feel that way as well, in thermal water, in jacuzzis, with bubbles massaging me.

Of course I can feel that perfect bliss moment with a lover. But this perfect moment is often shadowed by moments of doubts, of anxiety of being hooked on the wrong person, or to be hooked on someone not willing to go on with a relation so it means, you will have to find another one, and it is not that easy sometimes, to find complicity, laugh, and chemistry in our sexual life. You can find someone else, not fulfilling as much as you were used to, your sensuality.

So the perfect moment of bliss connected to love and sexuality is often linked to the problem you have of the desire to repeat this moment. Krishnamurti wrote that suffering was linked to the fact you want to repeat the pleasure.

However, maybe one day, happiness will happen when spending a few minutes time with a machine. And maybe you will even be able to repeat the pleasure as much as you want, without any after effects.

Will it be good or bad at the end? I do not know. Do we need the feeling of suffering in our life? Do we need as well to suffer to be able to grow spiritually, to think about our lives, about the mistakes we could have done…

Do we need gravity and seriousness? Do we need nostalgia?
Do we need this feeling of loneliness? Do we need anxiety and fear?

To be happy or unhappy? To be a human, with an all pallet of feelings, all kind of colors inside. White, black, dark, light, red, blue, all kind of colors inside, outside.


Brands I was talking about.

Smaxel Seoul Korea, for laser fractional Co2, dsmed at or dsmed at, they even have the laser to make vaginas being tighter. It amazed me. I tried it for scars, it seems to work even if I did not try other type of lasers for scars, so I cannot compare. They also did it for wrinkles close to the eyes, it was very light, not painful at all.

Laser Vaginal rejuvenation Ultra pulse CO2 laser. Urinary incontinence. Etc. I never had kids so I do not have a lot of problems, but who knows, in some years I might need it in my older days. Good to know it exists.
South Korea seems to be very efficient for medical machines.

The machines to relax the muscles, it is the shock wave therapy Rosetta, Remed in Seoul. I tried it.

There is another one the same, kind it is extracorporal magnetic stimulation (EMS)
The machine was called BioCon/ 1000 pro technology
They also have the biofeedback system, urodynamic system, etc. wschoi at

For the lungs problems, this machine for people suffering from asthma, or diffents kind of problems, did not try it, it is called Careway high frequency chest wall oscillator Lisa Jeong hmjeong at korust dot com

For ashtma, had interesting stuff. Germany.

The machine for incontinence, pelvic pain, prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, vaginal tonus, orgasm problems, hemorrohoids and prevention of hip fractures, that I did not have the pleasure to try, was called Neo control, pelvic floor rehabilitation therapy. Munchen Germany it is a new technology called extracorporeal magnetic innervations.

The machine which seemed to have been me euphoric was called TAMAS. Electro magnetic stimulator a proven non drug treatment for depression. The indication is obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, tinnitus, hallucination, insomnia, headache, panic, epilepsy (they seemed pretty enthusiastic about their results for epilepsy), facial palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson disease, and in fact for autism as well as they told me but it is not written.

It is the same branch that had the Rosetta for muscles. CRT technology, Seoul Korea.
Fax 82 24 18 09 86 this machine costs around 20 000 USD or maybe more.


One thought on “Can a machine being more effective than drugs?

  1. A Facebook friend told me that this device to fight depression seems to look like the electroshock therapy from the old time, however, this one does not use electricity but magnets and is not painful at all. Electroschoks are used again since a few years now, with success beside that. They are no more painful as it was before and the after effects can be a loss of memory which is not the case for those devices.

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